GPhC inspection model

GPhC inspection model - the five key principles

GPhC inspections - understanding the Principles

Principle 1: Governance arrangements

Principle 2:  Empowered and competent staff

Principle 3: Managing pharmacy premises

Principle 4: Delivering pharmacy services

Principle 5: Equipment and facilities


GPhC inspections - support resources

The NPA has created an extensive range of resources to provide practical support to. Including a comprehensive booklet, supporting templates to use within the pharmacy, advice videos, e-Learning modules and a range of products to demonstrate compliance. 




Template supporting documents



NPA Members also have access to:




  Support videos 

Mark Voce, GPhC's head of inspections discusses what you need to know about the GPhC inspections - click to find out

What you need to know about the GPhC inspections

Support video identifying what you need to do to prepare for a GPhC inspection 

What you need to do to prepare for an inspection



Support videos to help you with Principles 1-5

How to comply with Principles 1-5

Q&A for support staff

Q&A for support staff


GPhC inspections - Training

The ability of staff to demonstrate that they understand and follow standards will be crucial. The NPA has a suite of high quality training courses to meet compliance needs.


"What kind of evidence will GPhC inspectors be looking for?"

"I have all of my standard operating procedures (SOPs) in place, is there anything I can do to ensure that an improvement action plan is not required?"

"How can I convert a good judgement to an excellent one?"

"Can the superintendent pharmacist challenge the inspection report?"
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If you have any questions relating to the inspection model you can contact the Pharmacy Services Team on 0330 1231035 or email