GPhC inspection model

GPhC inspection model - the five key principles

How to comply with principle 1

How to comply with principle 1


How to comply with Principle 3 of the GPhC inspections

How to comply with principle 2


How to comply with principle 3

How to comply with principle 3


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GPhC inspections - support resources

The NPA has created an extensive resource pack, designed to provide practical support to pharmacy owners/superintendent pharmacists and pharmacy teams. The pack comprises of a series of guidance documents based on the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) principles and underpinning standards, together with a range of supporting tools:

GPhC inspections guidance documents: 'A show me, tell me story' - guidance on how to comply with principles 1-5   Supporting tools 
GPhC Inspection FAQs (updated 07.10.14)   New: Tips on how to prepare for inspections
GPhC Inspection Self Assessment Tool   New: About the rating mechanism
GPhC presentation by Leyla Hannbeck   New: Logging postive patient care
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  GPhC Inspections: Sale of Medicines Protocol Guidance

  GPhC Inspections: NHS Public Health Campaign Pharmacy Log

GPhC Inspections: Pharmacy Cleaning Matrix

  GPhC Inspections: Pharmacy Date-Checking Matrix

  GPhC Inspections: Pharmacy Drug/Device Alert Log

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Supporting documents    
Controlled Drugs   Information Governance
Medicines Use Review   Responsible Pharmacist
Clinical Governance    


The ability of staff to demonstrate that they understand and follow standards will be crucial. The NPA has a suite of high quality training courses to meet compliance needs.


"What kind of evidence will GPhC inspectors be looking for?"

"I have all of my standard operating procedures (SOPs) in place, is there anything I can do to ensure that an improvement action plan is not required?"

"How can I convert a good judgement to an excellent one?"

"Can the superintendent pharmacist challenge the inspection report?"
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If you have any questions relating to the inspection model you can contact the Pharmacy Services Team on 0844 7364199 or email

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